Monday, October 03, 2016

Something New: 3ina

A few months ago I made a trip to London with my boyfriend, Will, and whilst in Covent Garden I saw a store I had never heard of, 3ina. Walking into the store, I loved it. It's really clean-cut, everything is white and black and super organised and I wish I had a photo to show what I mean but it was lush!

Anyway I did pick up two chubby lipsticks, but the pink one I had went through the washing machine!! :( But moving on, I love the deep red colour I have, it stays on really nicely, super smooth, lovely stuff.

The product I use the most though is the blush! Really pigmented and applies nicely, matte, so there is no shimmer, I would actually preferred it to have a slight shimmer to it, but I can cope with this! The prices are really really reasonable! £7.95 for the chubby sticks which comes in a variety of 10 colours, I have shade 104, (I think) annoyingly it doesn't say the shade on the packaging, and the shades don't seem to match up to the right colour image on the website! Also, the blusher isn't on the website either.

I'm sorry to say that it doesn't look like you can buy online yet! But I would definitely recommend going in store if you get the chance! They have so many products and I am just waiting to get my hands on some more!!

Are there any brands you have stumbled upon and loving right now? 

Charlotte Rose

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