Thursday, August 07, 2014

My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine!! Ooooo exciting! Or not really, it's pretty late and I think I am past that stage of being over tired haha! 

So I don't have a massive skincare routine like a lot of people. And it's pretty simple! 

Step 1: At night I remove all my make-up using Benefit's Remove it make-up remover, £16.50. This if fairly pricey in comparison to make-up wipes you can get for around £3. But I have found wipes very drying, and this has really kept my skin hydrated. Also it removes my make-up a lot better, as I use cotton pads and you can see less and less make-up on each pad you use. 

Step 2: I then move to my bathroom, rinsing my face with pretty warm water, ripping off a chunk of my Movis face soap from Lush, and rubbing this all over my face to cleanse and exfoliate, it isn't at all a harsh exfoliation as I have quite sensitive skin but I feel like my face is really clean afterwards!

Step 4:  I use Benefit's Triple Performing Face Emulsion with SPF15, £21.50. This is a great moisturiser for me and pretty much always keeps away the dry patches I have always suffered with! And it smells fresh too! 

Step 5: Around 3 to 4 times a week I use the Let the Good Times Roll Face and body Cleanser from Lush, this has a slightly grainy texture, smells of caramel and makes my skin so soft! I love it so much I have made my boyfriend try it!

Step 6: I then try to use a face mask once a week, I always go for a Lush one as they are so natural and pure, this months selection is Oatifix

As you can see I stick to Lush or Benefit products, I just feel like Lush is really natural and has always worked for my skin all over my body, and although Benefit is perfumed which can sometimes be a downfall with any product when you have sensitive skin Benefit's products are just really hydrating!

As much as I hate every sip I take I am also trying to drink a lot more water which will do wanders to your skin!

Have you tried any of these? Anything else you can recommend to me?
Charlotte Rose xx

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