Monday, August 29, 2016

Breville Blend Active

This is a relatively new buy for me, purchased at the beginning of July, with all the intentions of really kick starting a healthier lifestyle. I am a big smoothie lover, making frequent trips to our 'Fuel Juice' in town, I love it as an after gym boost, to fill me up before for my next meal so I don't unnecessarily snack, and just giving me back a little of the energy I used whilst at the gym and to keep me going for the day ahead! 

I picked up my 'Breville Blend Active Personal Blender 600ml' in Green at Debenhams, at a retail price of £29.99, it was on sale and I managed to pick this up for £18! As you can see it comes with a spare bottle also. It was such a bargain that I just couldn't walk away from, a blender was something I had been thinking about for a few months and felt that this was a sign to finally grab one! I have considered a 'nutri-bullet' but at this point I think I want to start out with something cheaper before I splash out! 
I have found this to be my favourite recipe so far but I will keep you updated on my smoothie and healthy lifestyle journey.

You will need: 
2 banana's 
Raspberries (I went for frozen as they keep longer)
Mango (Also frozen)
Orange Juice

Slice your bananas and all your ingredients to your blender, I added the juice last until it looked as though it was half way and began to blend, due to the thickness of everything you may need to take off the bottle give it a good shake and continue blending! This was such a lush smoothie and something that I have been having a few times a week! I just can't get enough! 
If you want to ensure that your smoothie is super cold, add a few ice cubes to the mix! 

Happy blending!

Charlotte Rose 

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