Thursday, February 09, 2017

Monthly favourites!!

How has your January been? As dull, dreary and dragging as mine? I thought so!

January is the worst, no-one has any money, the festivities are all over and everyone is holding out for pay-day, but don't worry it's all over now! It's 324 days until the next January..... scratch that I don't want to think about it.

What have I been loving this month?! Aren't you all dying to know? Lets start with my new found love. 'Etsy' planner stickers oh my christ  these have made my life, better, organised, and cute! I bought quite a few as the clock struck 12 on NYE and pay day came in! I have work ones and cleaning ones and gym ones. You should really check them out and I don't go all out mad and have a full weekly spread like you see in YouTube videos, no no no, I just have them stuck in my little 'Paperchase' diary that I bought towards the end of last year. I'm thinking of doing a post on my fave 'Etsy' planner shops soon? What do you guys think?

Okay, okay, moving on before I get obsessive. My super duper cute River Island double pom pom hat I got for christmas, it's that perfect cutesy pink and I know you are probably thinking, "Charlotte, you knit, make one yourself!" But I saw this online back in November and asked for it for Christmas, and I didn't take it off all day after I took it out from under the tree!

I am absolutely loving my Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette for a matte neutral eye and then adding a pop of colour under my waterline with MAC 'Stars n' Rockets' or 'Aquadisiac' really adds something else to a simple day look I think! Pair it with MAC's Whirl or Velvet Teddy Lipstick and you are good to go!

And my final love which has only been the last two weeks of the month is getting back into the gym and having a personal trainer, my PT is really helping me to push myself a lot further than I have been doing before and I am really feeling that muscle ache still a few days after each session now rather than just a little for the next day! I really hope I am going to tone up quickly and lose those bits of weight that appeared during that last year of uni from all those take-aways and lack of exercise. I have two amazing hen-do's this year, one which I will defo need a bikini for and then two equally amazing weddings to follow them and I want to be feeling my best. Plus I have some really hot skirts that either can't fit into or don't feel good in anymore! I want them back in my wardrobe!

Have you kick-started January with a BANG?!

Charlotte Rose

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