Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

This is absolutely wonderful! A delight to apply! I just ... I have no words.

Well I do...

Of course I do...

I always have an opinion haha!

I have used a few eyeliners over the years, and I thought I had found the perfect eyeliner to create the perfect cat eye when I picked up the Barry M Wink Marker Pen at the very reasonable price of £4.99..Until!! Benefit brought out their They're Real Push Up Liner, £18.50. I haven't used a gel liner before as I have been aware it's a lot more difficult to apply than Liquid liner or pencil. I have always preferred to use liquid liner to create a cat flick eye and pencil in my waterline, pencil works better on your lash line if you want it to be smudgy. But this brand new gel liner is brilliant, it's jet black which is hard to achieve with a liquid liner, and I would say it is easier to get a clean line purely because once liquid liners start drying out it is difficult to get a clean line. I can easily apply this liner over eyeshadow and it still glides on easily, whereas I have found eyeshadows can dry out a liquid liner. This liner is so smooth and just glides on easily, you don't have to go over the same place more than once, well sometimes I go over the point at my flick again just to ensure it is a sharp point!

It has a twist end which brings the eyeliner out of the end ... That sounds like it makes no sense but I had a mind block and can't think of another way of putting it ... You get my drift!

As you can see from my photos I applied the product to the back of my hand and then tried removing it with my normal make-up remover, Benefit's Remove it make-up remover £16.50, and I didn't get it off particularly well, and that was really scrubbing! And as I knew this was going to be the case from watching videos prior to the release, I purchased the all new They're Real Remover, and it's more of a cream based product which I applied to a cotton pad and rubbed gently over my hand and the product removed easily, I still end up with slightly balck areas around my eyes but I can just take that off with my usual remover.

When using the liner remember to only twist up the tiniest amount at a time! Also if you are going out to purchase it, remove the orange stopper and you have to twist the bottom a lot before you get the product out then rub off that first little bit that comes out as it can be a little dry!

I hope you love this little beauty as much as me!
Well done Benefit for creating something truly magical!!
Charlotte Rose xx

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