Monday, March 27, 2017

Battle of the Liners. Liquid V Gel.

For a long time now I have been the ultimate lover of the Benefit They're Real Push up liner. I really really do love it, there is not denying that. But I think I have just met it's match.

After using liquid liner for a long time the They're Real Push Up Liner from Benefit was released and I immediately knew it was the liner for me, it's blacker than black, stays on all day and glides on beautifully, and I swore I would never go back to a liquid. I admit I have never tried any other gel liner, never gone for a pot and a brush instead, the idea of that intimidates me slightly, but a couple of months ago I found myself buying the Soap&Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen.

Now this is a liquid liner in pen form and holy moly I love it. I do have this in the original size, not the fat or skinny pen. But it stays in place all day, and is super black, the only thing that makes this budge is if my eye has been super watery that day, or I'm crying, I am a crier, and cry at most things! But I am super impressed with this liner, and a bonus is that it is a lot easier to remove at the end of the day compared to the "They're Real". Also, the They're Real liner I feel ends up wasting a lot of product as the top bit dries out, so you have to wipe that off before using it. Now lets put it to the test, and see a swatch.

If anything I now feel like I get a cleaner line with the liquid and with the felt tip style I am able to vary the thickness. Think I'm going to have to re-purchase my "Supercat" when it eventually runs out!  

Are you a liquid or a gel lover?!
Recommend me some other liners to try! 

Charlotte Rose 

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