Wednesday, March 22, 2017

February Favourites...

This month has gone pretty god damn slow, don’t get me wrong, I have loved some of it, Valentines with Will was really nice, just a shame we only had the evening together. I have been pretty hands on in the making of my sister’s wedding invitations, she has designed them all herself we just spend a couple of nights putting them all together and ready to be mailed out so that was super fun! The downside of this month has been constantly working, I am still working two jobs and that means I have only had one day off this entire month, and it wasn’t even a weekend so I spent it by myself! 

I am still loving the ‘Game Of Thrones’ books, I featured the first one in my monthly book series, and am currently reading the second one, I am featuring a different book in the 2nd part of that series this month though, but keep an eye out for ‘Clash of Kings’ in my March monthly book. It’s really keeping my attention and I don’t want to put it down, but everything else has taken over this month and I haven't had chance to pick it up as much as I would have liked! 

I picked up the Nyx ‘Cannes’ soft Matte Lip cream early this month and I really really love the colour, a deep pink I would describe it as, you can see the colour in the photo below. But I’m not a fan of the formula at all, it’s very thick and pastey. I much prefer their liquid suede formula, so if any of you have suggestions on a good dupe of the colour of this one it would be amazing if you could leave it in a comment below! I don’t care if it’s a liquid lipstick or just a normal lipstick I just want that colour! 

Oh my goodness, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara is amazing. Definitely my holy grail mascara, I was gifted this mini for my birthday and I have been trying to keep hold of it as long as I can. I have never ever had a mascara that after one coat looks this beautiful. I will add a second coat just because I do really love my eyelashes thick but you wouldn't need to if you didn't want them extra clumpy. This mascara makes my lashes look full and long and separated in one sweep. It’s super black and I would say a fairly wet mascara so if you are not into that let it dry out a bit and it will still work wonders for your lashes. Beautiful. 

New season of ‘Call the Midwife’. Now this may not be everyones cup of tea, or you may not of even considered watching it. But you should seriously reconsider if that is the case. This show has got me hooked,  and I disappoint myself when I think about the fact that I didn't watch the first and maybe the second series, I think thats all I missed. I stumbled across my mum watching it one day and you know what its like, you’ll sit on the sofa for just 5 minutes an then realised you have watched the whole show and you couldn’t walk away. Now I will pre-warn you, this show is a tear jerker, but I love that, it is a happy show though, don’t get me wrong, there are sad moments, but overall I think but the end of each episode you’ll defo be in a feel good mood! 

Do you have any things you are loving this month? 

Charlotte Rose 


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