Tuesday, August 06, 2013

MAC Haul

Hey Everyone! So this post leads on nicely from my previous about my trip to London as all these purchases were made in London at the newly opened MAC store in Covent Garden! It was really nice in there a small store but was split over two levels! As always in a MAC store the staff were so helpful especially as this was my first ever MAC purchases. These Products were split over two visits as after buying my first products I couldn't wait to get more.

 So the first time I went in I was looking to start a brush collection, I never apply foundation or anything like that so I was focused on brushes for application of eye shadow. I ended up purchasing the 224 brush for blending and the 213 brush for application, I decided to go for just one application brush currently as I already own other brushes, although not MAC, that I use to apply eye shadow and was desperate for a blending brush! And so that leads to my next purchase, the MAC Brush Cleanser, which for just £10 is well worth buying to prolong the life of your brushes, and in fact to just keep them clean, I have never cleaned any of my brushes before because they were just cheap, but when I decided to clean them after purchasing this product I cleaned my Bourjois Paris Kabuki Brush and it was so dirty it was ridiculous! I didn't use the brush cleanser for this but baby shampoo to deep clean my brush and did this four times to my Kabuki and it still isn't completely clean! So that was all I bought on my first trip in! 

On to my second trip... Kyle promised to buy me something from MAC for eating a whole chilli or something, I can't really remember! So we went back ... He ended up buying me more than just one product. Kyle spotted the nail varnishes and knowing my obsession with nail varnishes he led me straight over, I picked up this gorgeous colour called Soiree, it's a really pale bronze gold shimmer colour and I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it! although I love the colour I think it is a bit too expensive for what you get, priced at £11, yes you get a fair amount of the nail lacquer but it chips really easily, I never use an under or overcoat of clear varnish and my other nail varnishes, mainly Barry M still don't chip quite so easily, Soiree started chipping after 1/2 days... I am going to purchase a top coat and see if that makes a lot of difference. Next Kyle suggested eye shadows and getting a palette, personally I think it is really silly you have to buy the palette and the insert I understand this is so you can choose blush or eye shadow insert  but you would always buy a palette for blush and eye shadow anyway, you are never going to switch the inserts over in one palette in my opinion! Unless you buy all your products potted and not as just the pan. Anyway I then had to pick eye shadows, I settled on getting three shadows and they would be neutral colours. I chose Blanc Type first, a perfect highlight colour, then Sable as I like the medium brown with the shimmer it had, and then the matte dark brown Mystery. I do love all three of these colours and may post a Make-up look containing them soon so keep looking out for that! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Thanks, Charlotte Rose x

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  1. Thank you for this haul! Love your blogdesign!

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