Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The beauty of NYX

My local boots store has just got it's first ever NYX counter, now, I am a newbie to NYX, I have known about them for a long time of course, anyone who has watched beauty videos on youtube will have. But it's not something I have ever purchased, I am not a big online shopper, I don't hunt the internet for new things, I just buy what is right there in front of me. So as soon as I heard there was to be a NYX counter I had to jump right on board the bandwagon.

Within a few days of opening I made my first ever purchase and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices, I anticipated paying a lot more than I did that day. I feel like for the high quality of product, now I have a had around a month to try them before writing this post, they are cheaper than other brands would charge.

First, the lip product. I have been dying to pick up the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm, £6.50, ever since I saw Zoella share it in a video. The colour is a pretty true brown once on, with the slightest hint of pink if any! With a wand application I was unsure at first but the product is of high quality and only one coat is needed! It quickly dries to give you that Matte lip look and I haven't found it to be at all drying.

The other colour I picked up in the Liquid Suede was Vintage, and I love this one just as much, that perfect darker colour for the oncoming Autumn Winter. I tend to wear a lipliner with this colour purely because it is a lot darker but they don't really need it, it's just personal preference.

I also picked up the Matte Lipstick in MLS19 - Euro Trash, also £6.50! I have to say I have only reached for this a couple of times! But again is a really good product!

Euro Trash  - Sandstorm - Vintage

I have been on the hunt for a good primer lately, and so thought I'd try the Pore Filler, £11.00, I really like it, it is very silicone-y and makes your face super smooth, I think I would use it just concentrated in those areas you need it though as it doesn't go very far and it's not the largest product either. 

I have also picked up the Colour Correcting Liquid Primer in Green, £9.00, I am unsure how I feel about this one, I don't feel it makes that much difference to any redness, but it is a good primer, my makeup always lasts a long time so it does have it's pro's! 

Are there any NYX Products you swear by? 
Charlotte Rose 

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