Monday, September 12, 2016

Wedding Outfit.

So earlier in the summer (sorry this is so delayed) my boyfriend, Will, and I took a trip to York for a friends wedding, we stayed for a few days as it's the first time the both of us had been there, separately as well as together. I was pleasantly surprised, I don't now what I really expected, I had never really thought about it but York is a beautiful city, and I think, perfect for a weekend break.

Anyway moving onto why we're really here, I had a few months prep of what I wanted to wear for this wedding, which all changed after Will had seen me in this dress and said how lovely it looked on, this swayed my decision slightly as I wasn't completely set on the outfit I had previously thought of so here lies option 2, that I am so happy I went with and felt so comfortable in!

My dress is a Winter 2014 Oasis dress, a beautiful baroque lace style pattern with a jewelled collar (No necklace decision making, perfect!) My shoes are just little black wedges from New Look.
Bag is an old Warehouse clutch. All my jewellery is very special too me, the bangle on my right wrist is a gift from my dad for my 21st, from Sophie Jones Jewellery. Swarovski Charm bracelet on my left wrist. And just two rings, a Tiffany's one as well as my little flowery Pandora! I am also wearing Swarovski style earrings from a cute little store, Little Black Dress, in Saltash.

Now for a couple of photos at the wedding of Will and I, and our friend Leanne too! I didn't get many photos whilst there, just enjoyed the evening! 

It's sad, the end of Wedding season, isn't it?
Charlotte Rose

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